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Corporate Governance

Here at KWC, we commit ourselves to adhere to excellent corporate governance for our long-term success and strategy, safeguarding the interests of our valued clients. Our practices and policies complement our vision and values. They serve as imperative guidance, leading us to be the preferred consulting company worldwide. We guide our clients through in making informed choices, ensuring them that their decisions made are based on sturdy, dependable, and progressive market analysis. Our values steer us to attain our vision. It is portrayed by the acronym of TRUST


We deliver our promise and secure the trust of our clients by giving viable and sound advice, being truthful to our clientele by explaining all the features, benefits and risks involved.


Our pool of management employees and consultants possess high level of commitment, professionalism, and skills to assure our clients that we are trusted and preferred consulting company.


We will invest in the development to produce a team of highly trained consultants equipped with superior knowledge and skills. Our competent consultants are constantly analyzing the market.

Service before Self

We value our clients and are humbled by the trust we continue to acquire. Our pledge to them is that we offer personalized service and advise tailor-made solutions to suit each of our client’s unique needs.

Transparent & Thorough

We operate our business with transparency and all decisions made are impartial with soaring degrees of veracity and prudence.



The company has set guidelines portraying the duties and expectations of the Board, Committee and Management. These guidelines dictate the criteria and restrictions when shaping decisions that require the Board’s approval. The Board Committee is required to complete their reign and carry out their tasks with due care, diligence and honour. It has to share the responsibilities with the Company’s Directors and allocate resources to areas or issue as it deems fit.

Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

The Board has the authority in reviewing company’s strategies, objectives and goals as well as ensuring they are executed accordingly. The Board also reviews and approves fiscal issues, strategic business plans, opportunities and identifies risks for the company. The management will ensure that plans and objectives are adjusted to reflect current business affairs.

Risk Management

Risk Management

The Board shall consider all risks and measures to counter the risks. The Company’s risk policies and risk counter measures are updated regularly to match its risk profile and abide to the requirements.